High Security Services

March 24th, 2011 | Posted by: admin

High Security ServicesThe need to provide a comprehensive physical security strategy for buildings and people in high-risk environments has become essential over the last decade due to increased physical and digital threats.

The vulnerability of sites such as power generation/distribution, utilities, public health, custodial services, oil and gas industries, transportation networks, police and MOD, all need protection, as these are primary targets by those who wish to disrupt the UK’s critical business infrastructure.

Kings also provide a total security solution for the banking and financial services industry to protect from criminal activities.

The Kings range of services and their extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as perimeter protection, electronic security, intrusion protection, guarding, smoke detection systems, and entrance controls, cover the complex range of security services these sites require.

The Kings electronic security includes remote video storage to monitor and record CCTV off site. This ensures that if visual evidence is required for prosecution purposes the video is safe and sound and will not have been damaged or destroyed as part of the attack.

The Kings data storage service protects data and documents via remote back up systems. For paper documents Kings can provide safes and fireproof cabinets.

Our total security package can integrate into any existing security presence or be utilised as a completely new system where we can lead the project from audit to installation.

High Security Services

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