Security System installation for The Hessle Federation

October 24th, 2012 | Posted by: admin

The Hessle Federation is a school spread over three separate sites, putting itself in the heart of the community for 1800 students providing outstanding education, care, support and guidance for children and young people aged 3 — 19, whilst also providing learning and support for the students’ families.

The Penshurst site is the Primary School and Pre-School open for pupils from 3 — 11. The Boothferry Road site is for students in Year 7 to 8 and the Heads Lane site is for students in Years 9 — 13, including the Sixth Form.

The Hessle Federation aims to provide a seamless transition for learners when changing schools and also provides a personalised curriculum to allow all children the best chance of achievement, believing ‘every child is capable of extraordinary achievement’.

The Hessle Federation of Schools place a high priority in student safety and security by providing a calm environment, supervision before and after the school bell and by ensuring the learners are never far away from a supportive member of staff.

However, The Hessle Federation of Schools wanted to improve the security across the three sites to external influences. Originally, out of the three sites only one had any form of security. The Penshurst site, for pupils up to Year 6, had a barrier and intercom, but they wanted a more secure system to enable a higher level of protection for all pupils and staff across the organisation. This had been on their Safeguarding Action Plan for the previous three years.

The Hessle Federation of Schools awarded Kings Security Systems with the contract to update the current security system and build a system for the Heads Lane and Boothferry Road site.

The Solution

A team of engineers from Kings Security Systems arrived in February 2012, to The Hessle Federation of Schools to provide a solution for their lack of security throughout the three sites and ensure a strategic security system for the future.

Kings Security Systems replaced the old barrier with a more robust barrier and also included the system in the other two sites.  Installing a Teleguard system allowed the function of the barrier to be lifted via GPRS and mobile phone network.

This system allowed the School to have control over access to the school sites. The barrier has the function of enabling access to authorised people only via a personal code or a remote control given to authorised people only.

Anyone who is not authorised will have to be approved by staff via the Teleguard system and when approved, the barrier will lift to gain access, ensuring that who enters the sites is controlled by the School.

The Success

Kings Security Systems have successfully provided a safer environment for the learners, staff and visitors across The Hessle Federation of Schools by providing a secure system for each of their three sites.

The controlled system allows for a more relaxed atmosphere within the schools and a feeling of enhanced security for the people within the three sites. This also provides parents or guardians with reassurances that their child is within a safe environment.

Sarah Young, the Executive Headteacher of The Hessle Federation said: “With the increasing focus on safeguarding in schools, we approached Kings Security for a quote for site barriers on all three of our sites within ‘The Hessle Academy Community Trust’.

The quote was highly competitive, but more than that, the solution focused on the service that Kings provided, which was evident from our first meeting and they had a sound understanding of the issues we face as a school and were creative in their recommendations.

We received a highly personalised and friendly service which offered reassurance, both within the organisation and externally, that the barriers were going to be effective and without issue.

We are delighted with the service and the product we have received and would not hesitate to recommend them to other schools and colleges.

Many thanks Kings.”

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