Posted on: 17 Nov 2020

Brexit: Our Approach & Supplier Engagement

Following the UK and EU negotiation, culminating in the signing of the withdrawal agreement, the UK left the EU on 1st February 2020. From 1st January 2021 there will be changes to the trading relationship between both parties. These changes will lead to new trade regulations and customs procedures.

With this in mind, we wanted to give you an update on what actions we are taking to prepare for BREXIT and to assure you that we are fully prepared for the new regulations.

  • We have increased our stocking strategy in preparation for border disruption to minimise delays, and dedicating significant time and resource to account for all outcomes.
  • Our Purchasing Team is reviewing our fastest moving parts list to enable us to highlight any that may have issues associated with manufacturer delays, along with contingency planning to ensure we have a primary and also secondary supplier for the same part.
  • Our principal suppliers have confirmed they are in a position to provide two months’ worth of consignment to cover any shortages which we may experience.
  • We have actively engaged our freight partners and assessed their preparedness for any scenario.
  • Our Security Personnel division has a very low ratio of security officers employed from the EU Nations and we see very little disruption to this part of our business. Our recruitment strategy has also been updated for the new approach to employing colleagues from overseas.
  • Our Mobile Response teams, and those of our service partners, generally operate with well trained staff with strong skill sets. Kings has a strong supply base across the UK and Ireland and ensures we maintain optimum coverage.

Rest assured, Kings Secure Technologies and its supply partners have been assessing the implications of ‘Brexit’ on our customers and stock levels under a variety of potential outcomes and we continue to prepare for all eventualities.

We are confident that going in to 2021 we will be in a position to deliver all projects in a timely and cost efficient manner.