About Kings

Kings Secure Technologies’ mission is to offer the latest and most innovative technologies to deliver the best value and most robust solutions to our growing customer base

We focus on removing cost and complexity by leading with innovation and thinking more creatively than the competition.

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We recruit and retain the very best people to deliver our customers a first class experience and believe that a diverse team creates a much more innovative approach.

We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers, innovators and developers to offer our clients a true one source supply approach and work hard to continue to drive value and efficiencies across our clients’ estates on an ongoing basis.

With over 50 years of successful trading history and an enviable client portfolio that spans the UK’s largest grocery retailers, high street & fashion, forecourt, data centres, distribution and supply chain, energy, health care, private sector, education and the public sector to name just a few, Kings has the size, scale and infrastructure to meet our clients challenging needs.

Our in-house Technology Centre is the heartbeat of our business and securely monitors millions of events on a second by second basis. Of course, confidentiality is our number one concern so we can’t tell you too much, but our team would be willing to arrange a tour of this first class facility to really bring it to life.  Just get in touch.

At Kings Secure Technologies we pride ourselves on investing back into our industry and are proud to run one of the largest engineering apprenticeship programmes within the industry with over 40 new graduates in process as of today. We are proud of our independent recognition and accreditation with a host of achievements, and of course we are NSI Gold approved.